Friday, 15 March 2013


first of my list of favorite blogs is angela liguori's blog,
so elegant and clean in the layout,
welcoming and warm in the style and rich of precious suggestions

than camilla engman fascinating artistic world,few words,
but they are not needed,in my opinion

I love the colorful world of darling clementine

and the interesting balance between family stories 
and beautiful interior design in

I don't understand a word in this finnish blog,
but via bring me in another world,in Liivia's world,
full of charm and atmosphere

last but not least,I love so much la casita,
Alessandra Taccia's welcoming and fairy home

finally here are the links to the  two blogs from the course
zero the one,Kat Conte's fantastic blog full of video portraits,
an unusual way of blogging that I really love
and paper peony,the clean,simple,elegant world of Cathy Kruger,
her beautiful stationery...

Thinking about this homework post for BYW
it was clear for me that what I prefer is
the love for empty space,
a whispering style that give me suggestions and inspiration...
I hope everybody enjoy!


  1. hi there - I chose your blog for the homework this week!
    Best regards form Krisha in Oslo, Norway

  2. Hi Cinzia, I also wanted to let you know that I picked out your blog for blogboss homework.
    Wish you good luck with your blog and the blogboss course!

    Kind regards from the Netherlands, Cynthia

  3. Thank you:)
    I love this photo for tulips.

  4. Thank you Cyncerly!
    And happy to see you here,Liivia.