Monday 9 September 2013

la casita

Alessandra Taccia is la casita,a very calm and fairy blog
that welcomes you with its subtle colors and a few essential thoughts
and leads you into a world in which the hands are thinking and dreaming.
Everything looks simple and clear,curated in any detail,
and you feel immediately at home with her everyday life.
We met on the web,two Italian women living in two so far countries,
but with so many interests in common.
Let's find out her world more in deep...

When and why La casita was born?
La casita was born in november 2009,as a way to cope 
with depression caused by moving from a big city
to a commuter town.
Sometimes I'm still a bit depressed,but I've got to met
very interesting and creative people thanks to blogging
and this makes a big difference for me.

What is the idea behind the blog?
There isn't a specific idea behind my blog,
ideally is my quiet corner,
where I show the little things in life 
that makes me feel happy or tranquil.
It's also the place where I share the process of my work 
and the thoughts behind it.

What is at knots project?
Knots is my attempt to put all the things and skills I learnt in life together.
It's an ongoing project: a pop-up shop,
a collective of creative people,
 a tiny on-line independent shop 
where I select a bit of vintage and hand made.
It's the name I use to label my creations.
It's the way I see relationships with other human beings
(knots to do an un-do).
It's my everyday crafts:knitting,crochet,quilting and sewing.
I like to keep it open and versatile.

 Would you like to tell us something about "The little house" project?
How did you had the idea,what you want to tell through this work...
The idea of "The little house",well, I always wanted to have a doll house,
to make little furniture and accessories,but I never had one,
they where far too expensive when I was a child.
Being a mum of a girl I couldn't resist and made one for her,
to be precise I assembled and decorated one.
It's been a great gift for her,we play often with it 
and enjoy making things together.

After I made few accessories for her dolls house,
(which we call the "mouse house",since a little mouse lives there)
I decided to make a basic kit to sell in my shop.
Each kit takes quite a long time to be done,as I make each piece by hand.
It's very satisfying when costumers tell me about how their daughters
enjoy playing with my tiny props.
"The little house" project is again a work in progress.
 How do you express your Italian origins in UK?
I don't know,probably the food I cook,
I'm a quite good cook,some people really appreciate it,
others don't understand what a fuss is all about.

 I also swear a lot in italian when driving and gesticulate a lot.
Definitely those are the most Italian things I do.
 To be a woman right now in 5 words...
A-long-way-to-go(before the world will be misogyny free).

Thank you so much Alessandra 
for opening us the door 
of your so rich and delicate world...

Alessandra Taccia for all the photos


  1. so nice to lear more about her!

    and it seams blogging helps quite a bit of people to deal with problems... interesting...

  2. Thank you Cinzia for the interview.
    Thank you wsake (Anna), indeed blogging can be therapeutic.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this!

  4. And I really enjoyed writing this! Blogging is a great way to open the doors of your world and let air,light and new thoughts in...

  5. Alessandra is talented and has such a wonderful sense of style. Her shop is a treat.