Monday, 7 October 2013

kickcan and conkers

Inspire people seems to be her joy,Deborah Beau is a visual globetrotter,
her blog  kickcan and conkers is a real kaleidoscope where she share
her finds. All sorts of special toys,illustrations,books,vintage objects,
hand made textiles, pop up from her posts to surprise you.
It's possible to buy some of her finds in her online shop,but some treasure,
some unknown artists are part of the unique story she tells through her blog.
I love her curious way to look at life,curiosity is what connect us
and the joyful freedom of her gaze.
So I couldn't resist to ask her some questions...

When and why Kickan and conkers was born?
I started writing my blog in june 2009.
I was ready for a career change 
and decided it was time for me 
to do something more creative,
more "me".
All I knew at the time was 
that I wanted to open a small online shop
and I needed to establish some sort of web presence.

What is the idea behind the blog?
Kickan and conkers is forever changing.
Basically,I share anything that I find interesting or beautiful.
I love art,design,children's books,vintage it's a mix
I also snippets my life in France.
I'm very visual and I think my blog reflects that.

How did change your life to be a blogger?
Blogging has changed me in lots of ways.
I've realised that I have a voice and I love sharing.

I have met so many interesting people online,
many of them artists,
and a handful are now good friends in real life too.
I would say blogging has given me the confidence in myself
and taught me to trust my gut feeling!

What do you like most in blogging?
I could spend hours on foreign blogs and websites
looking for unknown talent.
I enjoy curating and promoting alternative,quirky arts&crafts&design.

What strikes you most in the work of an artist or a designer? 
How do you make your choices?
I'm a very sensitive soul,art moves me.
I can't really explain my choice any other way;
I just see in a drawing,a photo,a wooden toy
 something that I find beautiful or inspiring.

What are your favorite artists at the moment and why?
I have very eclectic tastes!
I love Liane Tyrrel from enhabiten.
She is always experimenting with new colours,materials and techniques.
You can say she's passionate about the whole creative process,
her work is beautiful.

I discovered Jenny Almen textiles illustrations at Karin's shop Manos 
last year and her cushions are amazing,really rich in detail.
I love her illustrative style.

Yesterday I came across the work of another swedish artist called Emma Bernhard.
I love her instagram feed...check it out and see what you think!

Your secret dream...
Well,it won't be a secret anymore,will it?
I dream of having a Kickan and conkers bricks-and-mortar shop one day,
or perhaps working as a buyer.
I love,love,love discovering new talent.

To be a woman right now in 5 words
I'm 47 and finally me!

Thank you Deborah!

All the photos via kickcan and conkers


  1. Oh that is lovely, thank you so much, I'm honoured.

  2. It was a so great pleasure,thank you Deborah!!

  3. Fabulous!! I hope your dream of becoming a buyer will come true - you'd be great at this! x

  4. Lovely interview Deborah :-)

  5. Lovely, inspiring interview - so great that you are doing what you love and makes you (and so many others) happy!!x

  6. What an amazing bricks and mortar store that would be. Lovely interview!